we are and we always were peta cruelty free

We are, and we always have been. Find out the why behind the PETA Cruelty Free certification

For some time, puroBIO has been on the list of Cruelty Free companies compiled by PETA .  

How important is it to be on the PETA list?

On a global level, the work done by PETA is very important because it aims to spread, as much as possible, a different approach to the fundamental rights of animals, which aim at

“Guaranteed fundamental rights and the respect of their interests apart from considerations of utility for human beings”. 

The aims and objectives that go beyond make-up and which enhance the objective of not sacrificing more animal life in the economic, entrepreneurial and productive activities of human beings.

Make-up and Cruelty Free

One of the most frequent questions amongst the thousands we receive every day is that concerning animal testing.

As we said, the purposes of PETA are noble and of great help and inspiration on a global level, but, as regards the European Union, to regulate these aspects, laws and regulations have been devised.

Specifically, Article 18 of Regulation (EC) No.1223/2009 expressly prohibits the placing on the market of cosmetic products tested on animals.

Tests on finished products have been forbidden since 2004; tests on raw materials have been forbidden since 2009.

Therefore, since March 2009, it has been absolutely forbidden to put on the market any finished product that contains raw materials previously tested on animals.

Why have we only just added the PETA Cruelty Free logo?

We were founded in 2014, the year in which all regulations were already widely in force and complied with.

We decided to add to our certification logo PETA because the sensitivity towards this issue is ultimately increasing and, to dispel any doubt, even to those who, rightly, do not know the evolution of the norms, but recognise Cruelty Free products simply by identifying them by the logo with the bunny.

This is why the addition of the PETA logo fills us with pride, but does not change anything:  None of our products or raw materials that compose them are, or have been, tested on animals.

So, let us give a great welcome to the PETA Bunny that goes to be alongside our other certifications.

If you want further details on the topic or if you have queries, please contact our Customer Care at the following email address: customercare@purobiocosmetics.it, our staff will surely answer your questions in full. If you want further details on the topic or if you have queries, please contact our Customer Care at the following email address: customercare@purobiocosmetics.it, our staff will surely answer your questions in full.


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