The new puroBIO cosmetics eyeshadows

We have also decided to improve on Anniversary # 4 with 3 new eye shadow pods: two matte eye shadows and one shimmer eyeshadow.

The formulation of these eye shadows is in line with those already in the range, but we see the shades in detail:

Shimmer eyeshadow Grenade

it is a leading color, a splendid red with fuchsia reflections and orange base, it can also be used as a single eye shadow for an intense eye look!

Hot Brown matte eyeshadow

This new warm brown is added to the other two browns in the range, its warm undertones make it perfect for daytime looks, on incarnations from neutral to warm, and it is wonderful as a transitional color for more intense looks.

Matte orange eyeshadow

Dark orange on the other hand is a beautiful color that adds intensity to the look, also beautiful as a transitional color, you will love it if you like our eyeshadow 12.