Using a good concealer is the first step to obtaining a perfect complexion!

Sublime Concealer’s characteristics

Our concealer has a creamy texture that ensures medium-high buildable coverage, it is very practical and simple to use thanks to its applier brush.

A creamy concealer is ideal to cover the under eye area and is indicated to contrast and harmonize the most evident facial skin discoloration.

The SUBLIME concealer by puroBIO cosmetics comes in a range of 5 shades suited for all complexions.

Like all our products, also the concealer is an organic product and is certified vegan-friendly.

Why use a concealer

The concealer is used to contrast and minimize skin blemishes and imperfections of facial skin, but also to highlight the features.

To obtain the most from a concealer, we must first learn to choose it and use it correctly.

#1 – Choice of shades

As we have seen, the Fluid concealer comes in a wide range of shades that will help you choose the ideal one for you. It is always a good idea to keep at least two different shades of concealer in your beauty case:

  • the first, generally one or two tones lighter than our complexion, to neutralize the under eye area, making sure, though, not to choose an excessively light-tone concealer which could over-highlight the area and create an inharmonious effect;
  • the second, more similar to your complexion, to conceal blemishes and discolorations of the face. We should not forget to combine this concealer shade with that of the Sublime foundation.

#2 – Prep Face and Neck skin

As always, before applying make-up, carry out your usual face cleansing routine, making sure you have completely eliminated all traces of make-up from the day before, especially around the eyes.

If necessary, use a make-up remover to cleanse the dark marks on the lower lids left by the mascara.

#3 – Where to apply the Concealer

The concealer by no means replaces foundation, therefore it should not be used on large areas but only on those areas or blemishes that we want to cover, we can obtain an optimal result by always using concealers combined with foundation or BB cream.

#4 – Set the level of Coverage

The first step is to understand the level of coverage needed for our make-up, you can obtain different levels of concealment by applying the concealer before or after the foundation.

For a light coverage effect, it is advisable to apply a concealer after the foundation; on the contrary, if we want a more covering and evident effect, it is advisable to apply the concealer before the foundation.

A good advice if you tend to have dry skin, which will not require the application of any powder to fix the base, is to mix the concealer with a small amount of moisturizing cream to make the texture more creamy.

#5 – How to apply Fluid Concealer

  • Highlight the area around the eyes

A correct way to apply the concealer under the eyes is to trace a triangle, with the base on the lower eyelid. Like this, we don’t only conceal the dark rings under the eyes but we also create a luminescent area to highlight the features of the face.

By using a lighter shade for the concealer, we can create highlights at the inner corner of the eye or under the arch of the eyebrow; it is also possible to outline and define the shape of the lips. Furthermore, combined with the lipstick pencils, you can create a faded effect to add volume and shape to the lips.

  • Applying to the face

It is very important to understand which is the best way to apply and spread the SUBLIME concealer.

We suggest you apply the product directly on the face and tap the area with clean fingers; in alternative you can apply small, quick strokes with a blender sponge, dampened at the pointed side, or with a n.4 brush, until it blends perfectly with the colour of the skin or shade of foundation.

  • Fixing the Make up

After creating the base of our make-up with the products of the Sublime Line, we suggest, especially if you have greasy skin, to fix everything with the free powder primer (soon to be available) or the INDISSOLUBLE powder.

Video Tutorial

You can see our SUBLIME concealer at work in the video tutorial hereunder:


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