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The organic and sustainable Hair Care Routine for naturally beautiful hair.

The organic and sustainable Hair Care Routine for naturally beautiful hair.


New travel size format

brand new

Gentle Shampoo

For frequent washes

brand new

regenerative shampoo

For dull hair

brand new

no stress shampoo

For treated and stressed hair

Less water in the formula

The concentrated formula of our shampoos allows you to use the diluted product (1/3 shampoo + 2/3 water).
The Shampoo Mixing Bottle with a quantity indicator and a practical spout helps to measure and distribute the product easily.
Learn how to use the Shampoo Mixing Bottle

Less water for rinsing

The vegetable surfactants with low foaming power in the formula allow for a quick rinse with a consequent lower use of water.


More sustainable

The evolution from bottle to sachet reduces the consumption of plastic by up to 75%, significantly reducing the production of CO2.

more Practical

The resealable travel size format is ideal to always carry with you. On trips, on an airplane, and in the gym, you'll always have your products at hand.

Hair Mask

brand new

energy hair mask

For dry and brittle hair

brand new

SWEET hair mask

For dry and dull hair

Brand new

Boost Hair Mask

For dry, dull and frayed hair

5 vitamin Hair Mask

For naturally shiny hair

No stress Hair Mask

For stressed hair

Detangling Conditioner

To detangle gently

Beauty Treatment

The final touch for beautiful, disciplined and nourished hair.


brand new

Detangling Brush

Ergonomic shape and flexible bristles for gently detangling.

brand new

Shampoo Mixing Bootle

Measuring and diluting shampoo will no longer be a problem.