Base PRIMER for Oly Skin

Size:30mL / 1,02 FL.OZ.
Tipologia di Pelle:Oily Skin

Smoothing and uniforming effect, matte and velvety finish.

The PuroBio Cosmetics primer for oily skin, with its smoothing and mattifying action is perfect to absorb excess of sebum.

Its  quick drying does not affect the blending of the foundation that can be applied soon after with excellent results.

The primer for oily skin allows you to achieve a perfect and long-lasting make-up.

Nickel tested, Vegan OK,  certified organic by ccpb.

Ingredients and mode of use

Main Ingredients:Silica, Olio di Jojoba, Tocoferolo

Additional information



*INCI may undergo variations, always consult the product label.


Apply a small quantity of product on your face and blend evenly until complete absorption. Application by fingers is suggested. Do not apply on your eyes area, which needs specific products.

Hints and Tips

Do not exceed with the quantity of product to avoid overdrying, which can affect the long-lasting action of your make-up.

For a combination skin it is recommended to apply the PRIMER for dry skin on your dry areas, whereas the PRIMER for oily skin is recommended on your oily areas ( T zone).

Shake the product before use. Do not apply in the eye area. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly. Keep the product tightly closed and protected from light and heat sources. Do not disperse the container in the environment.