Kintsugi Face Duo

Bronzer e Blush in two shades.
Size:9 g

Enhance the natural beauty of your face with the new Face Duo Bronzer/Blush.

Four new colors and two different finishes in limited edition: satin to make the complexion shine and matte to lightly sculpt and define the face.

01 – Empathy (beige brown/mallow pink) Matte finish

Suitable for light to medium skin tones

The freshness of floral pink for a touch of color on the cheeks and the cool shades of earth to sculpt the face. With a matte finish, it is suitable for light to medium skin tones.

02 – Value (golden brown/apricot) Satin finish

Suitable for medium to dark skin tones

Value, the warm and vibrant shades of gold to illuminate the complexion and enhance the natural color of the cheeks. With a satin finish, it is suitable for medium to dark skin tones.

Product Description

  • Silky, impalpable texture, easy to blend in one stroke
  • 100% natural formulation enriched with precious oils and cornstarch that preserve the skin’s natural hydration
  • Matte or satin finish

You will love it if

  • You want a single product that includes two functions: blush/bronzer
  • You want a natural sun-kissed effect
  • You want an organic product, 100% natural
  • You want an easy-to-apply and blend product
  • You love comfortable formulas
  • You love on-the-go touch-ups

Ingredients and mode of use

Main Ingredients:

Main Ingredients

01 – Empathy

Bronzer: cornstarch and almond oil

Blush: cornstarch and apricot oil

02 – Value

Bronzer: cornstarch, avocado oil, cocoa butter

Blush: cornstarch, avocado oil, shea butter with hydrating and nourishing properties.

Additional information





*INCI may undergo variations, always consult the product label.


Using a brush, pick up the bronzer and apply it to the forehead, cheekbones, chin, and neck. For a sculpting effect, focus on the neck and chin areas. Smile to highlight the cheekbones and position yourself in the center of the cheeks to facilitate the application of the blush with upward circular motions.


Avoid direct contact with the eyes, keep away from heat and light sources. Do not dispose of the container in the environment.