Indissoluble Silky Powder

Loose Powder
Size:8 gr

For a smooth, impeccable finish.

This velvety powder that does not dry the skin creates a soft focus effect, thus minimising the appearance of pores.

Thanks to its slightly yellow colour, it is invisible on all skin types.

Its mica, corn starch, rice powder, silica and kaolin content make your complexion opaque, smoothing imperfections and fine expression lines.

Sets make up for a long period, for a matte and velvety finish.
The product is Nickel tested, vegan certified and certified as organic by CCPB.

Ingredients and mode of use

Main Ingredients:Mica, Amido di Mais, Polvere di Riso, Silica, Caolino, Tocoferolo

Additional information



*INCI may undergo variations, always consult the product label.


Pour a small amount of product into the lid of the jar, gather it up using a brush or sponge and apply it as needed.


For a perfect application, use brush 01.

To carry out the baking technique or to set the concealer in the area under the eye, we advise using our blenders or brush 09

Keep away from direct light and heat source, close the container after use, do not disperse the container in the environment.

Avoid direct contact with eyes and mucous membranes, do not inhale.