Concealer Pencils

2 Color
Size:2,3 g
Tipologia di Pelle:All Skins| Dry Skin| Normal Skin| Oily Skin

The PuroBio Concealer pencil has a soft texture and a moisturizing action thanks to the plant derived soy and apricot oil. It gives light and freshness to your face.

Easy to take with you, the concealer is available in two colours depending on the eye contour and those face areas with small imperfections.

Nickel tested, vegan ok, certified organic by ccpb.

Olive-coloured: to hide the small red blemishes or capillaries. Its soft texture and coverage are the perfect combination of green and fleshtone. Its soft and light texture allows an easy and uniform application.

Ingredients and mode of use

Main Ingredients:Olio di Soia, Olio di Albicocca

Additional information





*INCI may undergo variations, always consult the product label.


Apply where necessary and blend evenly on your face using the BLENDER or the brush n°04.


Choose the right colour for your skin. Warm the pencil in your hands before applying on your eyes area in order to melt the oils in it and make the product softer. Apply quickly and evenly.

Avoid direct contact with eyes, keep away from heat and light sources. Do not disperse the container in the environment