BrowMade Brush Kit

Brush n.13 + n.14

The puroBIO cosmetics eyebrows brush kit has been designed to make your eyebrows flawless!

Indispensable for drawing and defining your eyebrows.
It is essential to apply the browmade otherwise it would not be possible to have the precise and natural effect of the eyebrows.

THE OBLIQUE BRUSH n. 1 3 (FIRM PRECISION), thanks to the oblique head, rigid but at the same time ELASTIC, with synthetic Dermocura® bristles allows us to draw eyebrows, the stretch of eyeliner or apply lip products with precision.
The brush No. 14 with nylon bristles is very useful for combing eyebrows properly, before applying makeup, and it is excellent for blending eyebrow products, once applied, so as to make the result UNIFORM AND NATURAL.

Alternatively, it is very useful for combing and “untangling” the eyelashes before applying mascara.

Ingredients and mode of use

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