microplastics and ECHA restrictions

Dear Customer,
puroBIO would like to provide you with information about the use of microplastics and consequent ECHA restrictions.

Although the use of microplastics in cosmetic products represents only 1,5% of their overall environmental impact, ECHA, together with the rest of Europe, has defined the restrictions and operational interventions related to Microplastics. Each member country has implemented several measures to ban, as a first measure, the use of microplastics in rinse-off and exfoliating products with different implementation time frames. In Italy specifically, exfoliating products or detergents containing microplastics can no longer be sold after January 2020. Similarly, other countries outside Europe have implemented different restrictive policies with different time frames.

The ECHA restriction programme is not limited to rinse-off products, but also comprises leave-on products with different timeframes.

In this regard puroBIO, a brand specialising in the production of certified organic make-up and skin care products, DECLARES that its products do not contain microplastics, as reported by ECHA and in the report provided by Cosmetics Europe, as a priority in the determination of the restriction foreseen for January 2020.

For clarifications, please contact the puroBIO regulatory office at regulatory@purobiocosmetics.com