Let’s start with ZERO

We present the ZERO Numbers of the Sublime Drop Foundation Line.

We present the new Drop Foundation n. 00 and 00Y.

Anniversary 4 brings with it 8 new Drop Foundation. Of these 8 new Drop, 2 were born thanks to your many feedbacks, which for a year now have asked us to make lighter foundation shades of the shade n. 1.

And so we set to work to realize this type of product and thus compensate for a lack of our line that you have been pointing out for some time.

Why two Zero numbers?

Because with this release we have literally doubled the range of the Sublime Drop Foundation, bringing them from 6 to 14 shades: 7 with Neutral / Pink and 7 with Yellow undertone.

Both ranges of undertones are composed of 7 shades that for the first time in the history of puraBIO start again from n.00 and not from n.01.

At the moment there are no samples available in shades 00 and 00Y, so we invite you to go to the nearest pureBIO store to test the new shades and new undertones.