Generation Y

The new range of Sublime Drop Foundation with the Yellow undertone.

The new Drop Foundation “Y” are born to satisfy the needs of those who have undertones of the skin tending to yellow.

What is the undertone?

The undertone of our skin is the basic shade of the skin; generally it is cold, warm or neutral.

The skin has a tone and a undertone:

  • The tone is the most external and superficial;
  • The undertone is the background color of the skin.
  • Skin tone varies with depending on internal and external factors such as seasonality (eg tanning), health or age.

The undertone, on the other hand does not change, remains unchanged and is completely disconnected from the tone.

In the “creation” phase of a product, it is possible to go into even more detail, deciding to turn the various undertones towards some shades or other shades.

As can be seen from the table below, in our line are 4 types of undertones:

Cool / NeutralCold / PinkWarm / Yellow – Hot / Red


How to identify the perfect undertone?

This is a slightly complex issue, so a good video of our Silvia is the best tool to clarify these concepts.

In this video Silvia will explain:

  • Features and functions of our facial bases;
  • How to identify the perfect foundation;
  • How to find your own undertone.