The new Limited Edition
inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi.

In a world constantly seeking perfection, we want to embrace the value of fragility.

The Kintsugi Summer Collection celebrates the beauty of fragility, emphasizing the significance of rebuilding oneself and not hiding our wounds, but rather learning to showcase them proudly.

Because every wound, pain, and change has contributed to shaping the individuals we have become.

The art of
Precious scars

The Kintsugi (literally "repairing with gold") is an ancient Japanese art that involves giving new life to broken ceramics by reassembling the fragments and reuniting them with a precious metal like gold.

The resulting fractures are not hidden, but embellished, enhancing the uniqueness of the object, much like each one of us.

Discover the Face Duo and lipsticks of summer 2023.

Face duo


Terra/Blush with a silky, lightweight texture that blends effortlessly in a single stroke.

Four new colors and two different finishes in a limited edition: satin to enhance the complexion's radiance and matte to sculpt and define the face with a lightweight touch.

Enriched with precious oils and corn starch, they preserve the skin's natural hydration.


Four new shades

Creamy matte lipstick with irresistible comfort and full color from the first swipe.

Four new trendy shades in a limited edition, ranging from rosy nude to vibrant magenta, a color range designed to enhance your essence.

The formula enriched with a blend of oils and waxes with nourishing and protective properties leaves the lips soft and hydrated.

Refill pack:
A message of love
and sustainability

The elegant limited edition packaging of the Kintsugi Summer Collection is a message of love for ourselves and a promise that endures over time. When you have finished the products, you won't have to throw away the pack. The refill system for palettes and lipsticks allows you to easily replace the depleted pan and sticks, giving a new life to the pack.

Let your beauty shine.



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