the first organic eyebrow pen

Long lasting up to 12 hours and naturally waterproof
FILLBROW is the first organic eyebrow pen that promises you full and defined eyebrows, that always maintain a natural look, for up to 12 hours.
Easy, intuitive, precise.
Even if you are not very familiar with it, the formula and innovative design of FILLBROW allow you to achieve perfect eyebrows in a few simple steps. You will no longer have to fear mistakes or corrections, because FILLBROW was created with you in mind.

Why choose fillbrow?

Easy to use

Thanks to its ultra-fine bristle tip, FILLBROW is intuitive and super simple to use. It recreates the natural hair effect of the eyebrows with precise and controlled strokes.

Precise and adjustable stroke

Do you want more marked or delicately defined eyebrows? With FILLBROW you can choose the intensity of the result, for a look tailored to you.


Enriched with BIO cornflower water, FILLBROW is super gentle on the skin, for a comfortable application.

Long lasting

Tested Long Lasting up to 12 hours and Waterproof.


You can use it in combination with the other puroBIO eyebrow products for an even more structured and defined look.


Certified organic by CCPB, Nickel tested, Vegan OK and dermatologically tested for your safety.

Find your shade!
purobio-fillbrow-1_prima.png purobio-fillbrow-1_dopo.png
Fillbrow 01 - Biondo Cenere
purobio-fillbrow-2-_prima.png purobio-fillbrow-2-_dopo.png
Fillbrow 02 - Castano
purobio-fillbrow-3-_prima.png purobio-fillbrow-3-_dopo.png
Fillbrow 03 - Castano Scuro
purobio-fillbrow-4_prima.png purobio-fillbrow-4_dopo.png
Fillbrow 04 - Nero sOFT
What are your eyebrows like?

They are already beautiful

If you just want to give your look an extra touch, use FILLBROW to define and make your eyebrows even more beautiful. Simply draw small strokes starting from the middle of the eyebrow to the tip, focusing more on areas where you notice small gaps or sparse zones.


If you have thin, asymmetrical eyebrows, or want to radically change their shape, don't worry! Follow our 3 STEPS and it will be very easy!

Comb your eyebrows and then, with the help of a pencil or the handle of a thin brush, mark with FILLBROW the reference points to define the shape of the eyebrows.

  • Measure the starting point of the eyebrow by drawing a parallel line to the bridge of the nose starting from the outside of the nostril (1)
  • Mark the highest point of the arch by drawing an imaginary line from the nostril, through the center of the pupil, to the eyebrow (2).
  • For the end point, draw an oblique line from the base of the nose, passing through the outer corner of the eye, to the eyebrow (3).

With the help of the 3 points taken, start filling in the eyebrows with FILLBROW. Draw small strokes starting from the middle of the eyebrow to the tip, focusing more on areas where you notice small gaps or sparse zones. Only then focus on the initial part of the eyebrow, applying less pressure with the eyebrow pen for a thinner stroke and a more natural result.

Starting from the middle of the eyebrow will help you better assess the shape and intensity of the result.

With brush no.14, comb the eyebrows upwards to blend and even out the stroke.

Do you have no secrets when it comes to eyebrows?

Use more shades of FILLBROW for a three-dimensional and even more realistic effect. Use a lighter shade in the initial part of the eyebrow, while for the tail choose the corresponding color.

Use FILLBROW in combination with the eyebrow pencil or BROWMADE to give even more structure to your eyebrows. Create the basic filling with the pencil or BROWMADE, then with FILLBROW create the three-dimensional effect by drawing hair by hair.

Beauty Tips

For a more defined effect and to minimize the visibility of hair regrowth, use the Chubby Concealer under the eyebrow arch and blend the excess with your fingers.

For a lamination effect and to set even the most rebellious eyebrows for a long time, use FILLBROW in combination with the Get Better Primer. Comb first against the grain and then in the direction of the hair, insisting with the brush upwards.

first use?

Discover how to activate fillbrow

For the first use, FILLBROW needs to be activated in the following way:

- Shake vigorously until the tip is soaked with color (dark).
- Draw small lines on the back of your hand to eliminate any excess product.

Do not worry if the tip appears a bit reddish, it is a normal characteristic given by the organic formula and will disappear immediately after activating the pen.
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FILLBROW is the first organic eyebrow pen by puroBIO, designed to offer full and defined eyebrows with a natural appearance.

The eyebrow pencil has a solid tip, similar to a traditional pencil, and is ideal for filling in and defining eyebrows. The FILLBROW eyebrow pen, on the other hand, has a more flexible and thin tip, similar to a brush, and is perfect for recreating the effect of natural hairs.

FILLBROW is easy and intuitive to use. Follow our recommended steps: measure, fill in, and comb to achieve perfect eyebrows.

For a natural look, apply the product lightly, following the natural shape of your eyebrows. Avoid over-filling the inner areas and concentrate the product mainly on sparse areas.

The eyebrow pen is ideal for those who want a more natural look or for those with sparse eyebrows who want to recreate the effect of hair.

Of course! FILLBROW can be used in combination with other puroBIO eyebrow products such as eyebrow pencils and BROWMADE, for an even more structured and defined look.

FILLBROW offers a long-lasting hold for up to 12 hours and is waterproof.

Generally, it is recommended to choose a shade that matches or is slightly lighter than the natural color of your hair. However, it also depends on personal preferences and the desired look.

Absolutely yes! FILLBROW was created with everyone in mind, both beginners and experts. Its innovative formula and design make application simple and precise.

If you have applied too much product, use a clean brush to comb and distribute the product evenly. You can also use a cotton swab slightly dampened with makeup remover to remove any excess.

FILLBROW is enriched with BIO cornflower water and corn starch. Cornflower water has soothing properties, while corn starch ensures a uniform and long-lasting stroke.

Yes, FILLBROW is dermatologically tested and contains ingredients like BIO cornflower water, known for its soothing properties. In addition, it is nickel tested for added safety.

To ensure the product’s longevity, we recommend storing FILLBROW with the tip facing up.

Eyebrows play a fundamental role in balancing and defining the face. Well-defined eyebrows can enhance the gaze, improve the overall appearance, and add character to the face.

It depends on the desired look. While some prefer to use a single product for a quick and easy application, others may want to combine pencils, powders, and gels to achieve a more defined and three-dimensional look.

If you have particularly sensitive skin or are an allergy sufferer, it is always a good idea to test the product on a small area of the skin before full application. In case of irritation, stop use and consult a dermatologist.