Kintsugi collection

KINTSUGI SUMMER COLLECTION RE-SHINE YOUR LIGHT The new Limited Edition inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi. In a world constantly seeking perfection, we want to embrace the value of fragility. The Kintsugi Summer Collection celebrates the beauty of fragility, emphasizing the significance of rebuilding oneself and not hiding our wounds, but rather learning […]

Long Lasting Collection

long lasting collection Organic make-up at your fingertips. Busy schedules and less and less time for yourself? With our mix of pencils, jumbo pencils and chubby sticks, you can achieve complete, natural and sustainable looks in just a few minutes, without the need for accessories, for up to 8 hours of wear. 01 Convenience At […]

Eyeliner On Fleek Brush Pen

What’s new FW 2022/23 eyeliner on fleek brush pen The First Organic Pen Eyeliner with soft bristle applicator without pigment with vegetable charcoal Tutto sul Nuovo Eyeliner smooth · comfortable · quick drying · easy to use A PEN EYELINER THAT IS PRECISE AND EASY TO USE. Its INNOVATIVE, SOFT AND FLEXIBLE brush tip makes […]

Sublime Louminous Concealer Stick

What’s new FW 2022/23 Sublime luminous concealer stick Thin Texture · Bright · easy to use CORRECTS DYSCHROMIA WITH A SIMPLE GESTURE Fatigue and imperfections are minimized and your face will look incredibly radiant. Previous Next size: 3.6 G | Pao: 12 M Main Ingredients The formulation rich in oils, waxes and vegetable butters makes […]

Sublime Concealer Fluid

Novità FW 2022/23 Sublime concealer FLUID Creamy Fluid · Corrective · Modulable A CREAMY CONCEALER WITH ADJUSTABLE COVERAGE. The velvety texture blends into the skin for an UNIFORM complexion, and the soft matte finish gives a second-skin effect. Previous Next SIZE: 4.5 ml | Pao: 6 M MAININGREDIENTS Organic aloe vera with soothing and refreshing […]

the new double dreams

DOUBLE DREAM SUPREME INTENSE BLACK, CURVING and VOLUMIZING Previous Next the Double dream supreme has a new applicator , double effect , even more dramatic , with a full-bodied and intense texture that will give you dream lashes! supreme EFFECT Slide the cursor over the image and discover the DOUBLE DREAM SUPREME EFFECT ‘ data-next-icon=’‘ […]

The Natural Revolution

the natural revolution THE PUROBIO NATURAL REVOLUTION CONTINUES Revolution also means evolution evolving is necessary to give a new value especially the things you think you have done best We present our revolution THE NATURAL REVOLUTION CONTINUE WITH THE NATURAL REVOLUTION PUROBIO Revolution also means evolution evolving is necessary to give a new value especially […]