Kintsugi puroBIO summer collection

The Summer Collection 2023 by puroBIO has arrived: the limited edition of the summer inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi. Beauty is an ever-evolving form of art, and that’s why we are thrilled to present our new limited edition Summer Collection inspired by Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics using gold […]

microplastics and ECHA restrictions


Dear Customer, puroBIO would like to provide you with information about the use of microplastics and consequent ECHA restrictions. Although the use of microplastics in cosmetic products represents only 1,5% of their overall environmental impact, ECHA, together with the rest of Europe, has defined the restrictions and operational interventions related to Microplastics. Each member country […]

The new puroBIO cosmetics eyeshadows

We have also decided to improve on Anniversary # 4 with 3 new eye shadow pods: two matte eye shadows and one shimmer eyeshadow. The formulation of these eye shadows is in line with those already in the range, but we see the shades in detail: Shimmer eyeshadow Grenade it is a leading color, a […]

Generation Y

The new range of Sublime Drop Foundation with the Yellow undertone. The new Drop Foundation “Y” are born to satisfy the needs of those who have undertones of the skin tending to yellow. What is the undertone? The undertone of our skin is the basic shade of the skin; generally it is cold, warm or […]

Let’s start with ZERO

We present the ZERO Numbers of the Sublime Drop Foundation Line. We present the new Drop Foundation n. 00 and 00Y. Anniversary 4 brings with it 8 new Drop Foundation. Of these 8 new Drop, 2 were born thanks to your many feedbacks, which for a year now have asked us to make lighter foundation […]

Sunscreens and cosmetics: nano or microparticles?

Characteristics of Titanium Dioxide and its harmlessness

In a recent article we have already dealt with sunscreens. We have highlighted how solar radiation can damage our skin. In fact, the energy transmitted by the UV rays causes the formation of free radicals thatreact in turn with the molecules of the cellular structures, degrading them and making them, at the very least, less […]

Dermatologist Tips: Eyelids and make up

Dermatologist Tips Eyelids and make up

The skin of the eyelids is very thin (just 0.05 mm) and represents, together with the lips, the most delicate and vulnerable area of ​​our face. Despite this, the eyelids play a very important protective function: they protect the eyes from mechanical trauma, from sunlight, air, and from potentially harmful external chemical and physical agents. […]

Dermatologist Tips: Spf and Make Up

Dermatologist Tips spf and make up

Sunlight is energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation, most of which is filtered by the earth’s atmosphere.Only infrared rays (responsible for heat), ultraviolet type A and B, and visible spectrum radiation responsible for the colours we perceive reach our skin. A part of these rays is reflected by the stratum corneum, the rest is […]