Discover all the certifications that guarantee the quality of our products


The inspection and certification are the main activities of CCPB srl. The pursuit of quality, credibility, increasing the added value and innovation have always been the mission that has inspired and supported the work of CCPB. A job for productive systems, which use the inspection and certification activities to characterize their services and products.


Vegan OK

Because it is possible to respect animals

The Vegan OK Team makes an ethical evaluation of the company before giving certification for their products. Also a check on product labels is carried out before they are placed on the market. The company is committed to respect in its entirety the disciplinary Vegan OK, developed under the supervision of the Ethics Committee and the Science of vegan Italian Onlus Association.

Nickel Tested

The freedom to wear makeup without risk

Nickel, in particularly sensitive persons, may cause allergic reactions, which occur on areas of the skin exposed to it. The Nickel Tested logo certifies traces of nickel analyzed.

PETA Cruelty Free

PETA believes that some basic & nbsp; rights & nbsp; are guaranteed to animals PETA certifies the companies included in its lists are absolutely Cruelty Free.