About Us

PuroBIO Cosmetics is the result of the desire to create products for a natural and organic makeup, made in Italy, without using ingredients harmful to health or tested on animals. The Italian brand in its own name reflects the desire to offer the most natural cosmetic and “pure” as possible without the customer must give up a performance of high quality.

To ensure the commitment and validity of the company in the sector “bio”, we have the following certifications: CCPB, NATRUE, Vegan Ok and Nickel tested.

The products have been designed and engineered to provide freshness to the very concept of Organic Make-Up, generally reduced for the herbalists or exclusively to a certain type of clients followers of natural products. Innovation and be a viable alternative are the target for differentiate into a world of synthetics. Enjoy professional makeup without forgetting the health of skin.

Quality at the right price with puroBIO cosmetics products. The company, with its nature-friendly policy avoids additional costs, as the second packaging, and guarantees an unbeatable price without compromising the performance. In this way organic products are accessible and affordable for everyone.

The company, which appeared on the beauty marketplace in April 2014, has experienced rapid growth and in less than two years has become a notable brand. His first appearance was in fair SANA Bologna in September of the same year, quickly customers have become hundreds in Italy and abroad. As a first step the brand appeared on the market with only 19 pencils, able, due to their modular composition, to cover the entire make-up, except the base. From the lips, to the eyebrows, all the eye area and blush. Later all products have been added to get a perfect makeup, from the powder to the primer.

The makeups wisely formulated in its components, only made with oils and waxes plant and mineral pigments, simple formulas that are ideal for those who have sensitive skin and allergic reaction , as they have been totally excluded silicones, petrolatum, parabens, preservatives and synthetic dyes, perfume and gluten (although gluten intolerance does not affect cosmetics), and in accordance with the provisions of law, the product are not tested on animals. The natural formulation without synthetic agents allows safe use in pregnancy.

All requests: from the hint for the ideal color of the foundation, to any problems with the products can be sent by e-mail, facebook messenger or with a phone call.

All physical retailers or the Web sites that sell products puroBIO cosmetics are always informed about the latest news concerning the products.

The goal is: the customer is always satisfied.