Dermatologist Tips: Eyelids and make up

Dermatologist Tips Eyelids and make up

The skin of the eyelids is very thin (just 0.05 mm) and represents, together with the lips, the most delicate and vulnerable area of ​​our face. Despite this, the eyelids play a very important protective function: they protect the eyes from mechanical trauma, from sunlight, air, and from potentially harmful external chemical and physical agents. […]

Dermatologist Tips: Spf and Make Up

Dermatologist Tips spf and make up

Sunlight is energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation, most of which is filtered by the earth’s atmosphere.Only infrared rays (responsible for heat), ultraviolet type A and B, and visible spectrum radiation responsible for the colours we perceive reach our skin. A part of these rays is reflected by the stratum corneum, the rest is […]

Dermatologist Tips: The 9 Rules For Correct Hygiene and Make-Up

Dermatologist Tips The 9 Rules For Correct Hygiene And Use Of Cosmetics And Make-Up Tools & Accessories

Skin hygiene and cleaning make-up tools & accessories must always be thorough. Whenever we touch our face with our hands or make-up tools, we spread germs that can sometimes be pathogenic. Very often we do not realise it, but the consequences can be really unpleasant: skin infections such as folliculitis, impetigo, and warts can occur. […]

Dermatologist Tips: Dry and creased Lips

Dermatologist Tips Dry and creased Lips

The structure of the lips: why they are delicate The skin of the lips, compared to other areas of the body, has a different structure. It is much thinner and more transparent, consequently the capillaries present below are much more visible and give the lips their characteristic rosy colour. To be precise, it is the […]

Dermatologist Tips: Oily Skin and Make-Up

Dermatologist Tips Oliy skin and make up

In this new feature, which will be a monthly appointment on our blog, we will present advice and tips from Dr Francesco Antonaccio, a dermatologist specialising in aesthetics, who has been treating facial skin blemishes and imperfections for more than twenty years. Today we are going to take a closer look at the issues and […]